2 Weeks


Solo Project


Visual Designer


Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

Project Overview

Super Fruit is the epitome of a fun and coloruful summer drink, capturing the essence of the season through its vibrant design, bursting with bright colours, which immediately brings to mind the joy and warmth of summer.

Conceptualize, develop and design a high end juice brand

The aim was to create a captivating visual representation that embodied the essence of a delightful and vibrant summer drink. Drawing inspiration from the drink's lively and colourful nature, the design embraces a bold and energetic aesthetic.

The Process

The visuals underwent manipulation using Photoshop, involving the meticulous slicing of the fruit images and skillfully arranging them in a dynamic composition. Furthermore, adjustments were made to the hue and saturation, amplifying the colours to create a vibrant and visually appealing effect.

Both the design of the ingredient labels and the placement of the background fruit images on the front labels were executed using Illustrator. Additionally, the typography was carefully curated to complement the overall visual aesthetic.