UX-UI 2024


14 weeks (research)




UX-UI Designer



Project Overview

LOCX is a hair care app designed to empower users by enabling them to create personalized hair care routines tailored to their specific hair texture. Through LOCX, users can not only customize their routines but also access valuable insights and guidance on how to best care for their unique hair texture.

The Problem

Some users have limited understanding of their hair type or texture, as well as their uncertainty about which products are most suitable for their specific hair needs. Given the diversity of hair textures, it is crucial to consider specific precautions and tailored steps when styling different hair types to ensure optimal care and maintenance.


How might we support individuals with textured hair in managing maintenance and finding suitable products?

The Solution

A mobile hair care app that offers users personalized hair products and routines tailored to meet their diverse needs. The app will implement a questionnaire feature in order to provide users with a personalized experience.


Knowledge Gaps & User Needs

When conducting my research I identified that these factors are what influence users when deciding on hair care.


Pricing & Budgets
Products ranging from low to high end.


Brand Reviews
Allow users to make an informed decision before purchasing.


Advice & Recommendations
Asking friends and family for product suggestions.


To gain deeper insights, I conducted a survey to understand which features users would find most beneficial for their needs. Here are the results, along with the needs
users voiced.


Would like an ingredient analyzing feature.


Prioritize having a routine builder.


Actively engage through community features.

“It's hard finding products that work. When I find something, it's not long before it's discontinued or reformulated”

Survey response


This topic warrants exploration due to its potential universal benefits. Hair, a shared characteristic among all humans, makes this subject relatable and pertinent. Recently, there has been a notable surge in recognition and awareness surrounding curly hair care, contributing to its embrace as a crucial aspect of personal identity.

Competitor Analysis

While several apps and websites have been developed to address this issue, most focus on informing users about the ingredients and chemicals in their hair products rather than assisting them in establishing a personalized hair care routine. Some hair care brands offer a solution through personalized questionnaires or hair quizzes, which aim to provide users with a comprehensive understanding of their specific hair needs.


Insights & User Feedback

After conducting user testing, I gained valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of my project. This feedback highlighted areas where the project performed admirably, as well as areas requiring improvement. To address these issues, I plan to conduct further research and iterate on the project to enhance its overall effectiveness.

Multiple Options Clarification
Clearly display that users can choose multiple options.

Expand on Hair Goals
and Struggles
Include a broader range of choices.

Adding Time Commitment
Assess how much time users are willing to dedicate.

Interest in Learning
Styling Feature
Include a question about users' interest in learning styling.

Clearer Images for
Hair Types
Select images with better contrast and include illustrations.

Current Product Usage
and Preferences
Inquire about the hair products users currently use.

Next Steps

Lo-fi Wireframes

I was wrapping up my research process at this point in the project, and I plan to expand my low-fidelity wireframes into a fully functioning app. The current low-fidelity wireframes include an onboarding process, which will be further developed in the high-fidelity design phase.

This project is currently a work in progress!
Case study will be updated once the project is complete.